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What do these three things have in common?  Yes, they’re all fabulous and they all end with Hall!  However, our focus today isn’t on 80’s iconic movie stars or comedy television shows.  Instead, I’m writing about k. hall designs- 8416 Manchester Rd  63144.  Locally owned and operated by John Barr and Kelley Hall-Barr, k. hall designs manufactures aromatic bath, body and home care fragrance goods.  These products are not only sold locally, they are carried by major retailers like Anthropologie!  Their products smell amazing and are at a minimum 95% natural.  No fake pine scents here!  When a diffuser from k. hall is labeled “Tea”, it really smells like, well,  tea.  What a great concept!

k. hall designs products are all made in the USA, with many of them handmade, labeled and boxed here in St. Louis.  Hall-Barr chooses her scents wisely, picking those that are comfortable and familiar.  This translates into a line that transfixes you the minute you walk into their store.  As you move from one area to the next, you encounter objects arranged in a lovely tableau. On display are beautiful candles and textiles along with quirky items like miniature cast iron farm animals.   And yet, somehow, it all works!

Here’s the HANTASTIC part:  coming this weekend is k. hall designs Warehouse Sale!  October 19th-21st, they are literally opening up their warehouse and selling products at up to 80% off!  This incredible sale will include favorite scents from their lines of diffusers, candles, bath soaps and hand creams.  A little bit of everything!  Now is your chance to stock up on these outstanding products for your home or start your holiday shopping for someone you love!

While I don’t have pictures of sale products, sigh, here is a look at what they have in store at their original retail location:

– From the Barr-Co. line

hand crafted candles-original scent $27.00


bubble elixir-original scent $32.00


bath salts- cedar berry scent $32.00


– From the Studio-Hall line


printed candles $32.00; diffuser $42.00; candle $24.00- shore line scent


laundry soap $20.00- washed cotton scent


– Charming accessories for your home:

white stoneware $6-$45.00


wire utensil holder $35.00


linen table runners $24-$27.00


seagrass baskets medium $54.00; large $84.00


– From the stationery lines

Gwen Frostic. set of 10 note cards $26.00


Austin Press single initial cards, set of 6 $14.00


k. hall designs letter press cards $6.00/each


animal paper weights $18.00


six shooter paper weight $22.00


– From the Simpatico Line

hobnail candles $28.00


diffuser box sets $48.00


bar soap $11.00


– From the original k. hall designs line


screen print candles $32.00; jar candles $24.00


hand & body cream $20; shea butter lotion $22


diffuser sets $42.00


eau de parfum $30.00



– Lots of unique jewelry pieces, many handmade by Missouri artists!


jewelry, etc.



made in Missouri “Everyday Artifact”  initial necklaces $45.00



– One of my favorite things in the store was a line of wool goods by Wild Flower Farm.  This Missouri company creates gorgeous handmade wool pieces, each featuring a card telling you the name and color of the sheep it came from!  Brilliant!

Wild Flower Farm wool pieces


Wild Flower Farm tag; wool from “Nessa”!


k. hall designs pulls off that rare combination of an outstanding, locally made product showcased an intriguing setting.  Your first visit won’t be your last.  You’ll want to return again and again to see what treasures await your senses!  Visit k. hall designs in Brentwood or their Central West End pop up shop: 26B Maryland Plaza  63108.  They can also be found online at:  See you at the sale!





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