Shhhhh…Can you hear that?  Listen very carefully:  Riiiing-a-ling-ling!  It’s the sound of the impending holidays!  No, no not sleigh bells my friends, dinner bells!  Yes, the upcoming season brings with it so many opportunities to over indulge.  Every year you say you’ll be careful and only have a nibble here and there, but by mid December it’s all bets off. Calories don’t count at Christmas, right?  Wrong!

But this year is going to be different, this is the year you will come armed with a plan!  A personalized plan for eating right and exercising.  Who’s going to help you?  Dragonfly Fitness & Training, that’s who! Owned by personal trainer Renah Jones, Dragonfly Fitness & Training is committed to help you kick start your weight loss or move past a fitness plateau.  Why personal training?  Because as opposed to a big gym where you’re merely a number, Ms. Jones will take the time to really listen to what goals you want to achieve, then customize a plan specifically for you.  She understands that what works for someone else, may not be right for your fitness level.  For example 100 push ups 10 push ups a session for me is just right!

And now for the best part, Dragonfly Fitness & Training is offering a holiday special for Hantastic readers!  The “Hantastic Holiday Starter Package” is a three week program that includes an initial assessment, three 1-hour personal training sessions customized to fit your goals, fitness and nutrition accountability, and weekly holiday survival tips. .  Perfect for anyone that wants to try out personal training or is looking for new ideas to take their fitness to the next level!  The “Hantastic Holiday Starter Package” is $135 now through November 25 and must be used by December 30, 2012.  Sessions can be in-home, outdoors, or at your gym..    To schedule an appointment contact Renah Jones: renah@dragonflyfitnessstl.com or click on dragonflyitnesstraining.wordpress.com/holiday-starter-pack/


Now go get your workout on!

That’s Renah on the right, yeah the one with the amazing arms!!

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