Forecast? Nice Breeze!

Living in the midwest has it’s upsides: Fresh corn!  Great baseball!  The Arch!  And it’s downsides too:  No Barneys.  No beach.  No blow dry bars.  Well hold on to your hats friends, that last one just got scratched off the list!  Breeze Blow Dry Bar- 9916 Clayton Rd 63124 has opened it’s doors!  The much anticipated concept of co-owners Lindsay Bush and Susannah Danforth is poised to raise St. Louis’ salon status to match those on the coasts. Already a hit in California and New York, blow dry bars provide just what the name implies.  Clients looking for a blow out can pop in disheveled and pop out looking fabulous! For $35.00 you can choose one of 8 blowouts and in 35 minutes, you’re on your merry little way!  Now that’s HANTASTIC!  Breeze will also offer 4 up-dos like a messy bun or ponytail plus a braid bar.  “We want to offer a fast, fun, freshen up”, Bush says, “Breeze is perfect for everyone from busy professionals to college students!”  In addition to perfecting your coif, Breeze features a “15 Minute Face” at their make-up bar.  Using products by Glo Minerals, professionals will either apply make-up to a clean face or  simply brighten up your current look.  At just $15.00, this service is a no brainer for upcoming holiday events! Breeze Blow Dry Bar is a bright, modern and fun space.  It’s stylists are knowledgable and ready to tame your tresses!  For more information visit them in Ladue or online at:


Breeze’s sleek interior boasts 10 chairs and 23 stylists



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