Happy Feet

Mr. M and I have gotten to attend a few faaah-ncy events lately. Which means I got to break out some of my favorite heels, which also means I would … [Read more...]


One of my favorite retail events takes place this weekend Oct 16th-18th … [Read more...]


ADORE THIS DIOR! "No thank you, I don't want longer, plumper lashes", said no woman ever. How about achieving this without spending $$$?   … [Read more...]

Eye Tried It and Eye Liked It!

If I hear about a new beauty product more than a few times, I'll usually try it. … [Read more...]

Urban Nectar

Few of us in this life are left untouched by grief. Whether it's the loss of a friend or family member, coping with the finality can feel … [Read more...]


WHAT I'M LOVING ♥ RIGHT NOW! I am pretty good about keeping up with hair maintenance.  I have a short style, which means I have to get a cut … [Read more...]

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