Busy as a Berry!

The family that creates together, stays together! This has certainly proven true with one local family- Nicki, Ali and Lauren Berry are a … [Read more...]


Some boutiques serve a very singular purpose.  If you need a pair of shoes, you head to a shoe store.  If you're looking for a new jacket, you might … [Read more...]


SMELLS LIKE A SALE!! It's time for one of my FAVORITE sales of the year:   … [Read more...]

Hey Lottie!

Doesn't it make you happy when you discover a store that sells a little bit of everything you love?  *sigh*  Me too!   … [Read more...]

The Buzz Word in Kirkwood

I love it when I get a hot tip about a shop from a Hantastic reader!  This week I had the pleasure of visiting The French Bee- 211 S. Kirkwood Rd … [Read more...]


It's that wonderful time of year my friends, time to spring clean!  At our house that means throwing away junk from the garage and thinning out the … [Read more...]